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Inside the murky world of social media moderation

More and more social media content moderators are coming out with horror stories about their workplaces. I explore the reality of moderating for big tech and the demand for better treatment of social media moderators.

For The Skinny, November 2020

The LGBTQ+ club nights thriving in lockdown

With dancefloors placed out of bounds by coronavirus, a look at some of the LGBTQ+ club nights bringing queer communities together by the light of the computer screen

For The Skinny, Aug 2020

Fall where they may: Tarot in the internet age

For The Skinny, Oct. 2019. 

How the UK 'Porn Block' could damage sex education

For The Skinny, July 2019

Panic at the Porno: Moral panics and amateur porn

I examine the moral panic surrounding the amateur adult industry, and explain why I sometimes feel torn when it comes to porn. Contains graphic descriptions.

#Eatingclean: The Impossible Dream

From açaí to chia, gojis to yogis, Deviance takes a look into the perceived glamour of eating clean on Instagram

Lil Miquela: challenging perceptions of reality on Instagram

for The Student

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