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Russia-Ukraine: How Vladimir Putin's war in Ukraine is taking shape on social media


The Scotsman, March 2022

Crypto Mining Farm

How the great migration of cryptocurrency mining is playing a rising role in the global energy crisis


Scotland on Sunday, January 2022

Image by Roman Martyniuk

What would our world without Facebook look like? How the platform has shaped life in Scotland for the better - and worse


Scotland on Sunday, November 2021

Image by charlesdeluvio

What happens to Scottish sex workers when online platforms like OnlyFans decide to ban explicit content?


Scotland on Sunday, September 2021

Sitting in Front Of The Computer

What it’s really like to be a female Twitch streamer - and why it’s far from game over for misogyny in the gaming industry


Scotland on Sunday, August 2021


How AI chatbots are fulfilling our needs

The Skinny, May 2021

Image by Artur Kraft

How Glasgow’s people foiled an immigration raid and stood for community


Dazed DigitalMay 2021

My Post (17).png

Art on the blockchain: How the latest cryptoart craze is taking shape in Scotland


For The Scotsman, March 2021

Image by Sarah Kilian

One year on: how the pandemic and lockdown transformed life at home and the way we spend our spare time


For The Scotsman, March 2021

Image by Lorenzo Herrera

'We were basically The Big Bang Theory but 30 years ago': the Dundee developers who became Scottish video game legends with Lemmings

For The Scotsman, February 2021

Image by CDC

How the rise of tech-savvy and accessible housing villages looks to empower Scotland's elderly population

For The Scotsman, December 2020


Inside the murky world of social media moderation

The Skinny, November 2020

Image by Clay Banks

Could Scotland’s growing love of wild swimming lead to a sea pool revolution?

The Skinny, October 2020


How lockdown created a new generation of gardeners

The Skinny, September 2020


The LGBTQ+ club nights thriving in lockdown

The Skinny, Aug 2020


Fall where they may: Tarot in the internet age

For The Skinny, Oct. 2019.


How the UK 'Porn Block' could damage sex education

For The Skinny, July 2019


How Slow Dating took over online dating

The Skinny, April 2019


Good Vibrations: The New Cult of Ecosexual Self-Care

The Skinny, November 2018


#Eatingclean: The Impossible Dream

 The Skinny, Nov 2016


Panic at the Porno: Moral panics and amateur porn

The Skinny, May 2015

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