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Below is a selection of designs and multimedia journalism I've created using data visualisation tools, post-production and design software (namely InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Audition), Final Cut/Logic Pro X, as well as my contributions and commissions in video/audio formats. 


The Scotsman

 Produced interactive, comparative live results maps and graphics on Election Night, updating these in real time as state results and electoral college predictions came in

SKILLS: data visualisation, politics, Flourish


Young Women's Movement Scotland

 Produced a webinar on houseplant care for 'Scot Women Share' - a series helping young people keep busy and inspired in lockdown. Designed and illustrated all creative elements.

SKILLS: design, illustration, video editing, animation, video production

Patreon launch

The Skotia


 Produced a series of exciting graphics and visuals for social media, web and digital to promote The Skotia's Patreon launch

SKILLS: social media design, web design, animation using Adobe Creative Suite. 

Skotia Sounds

The Skotia

 Produced the logo, intro, music and edited long and short audio clips, including interviews, for The Skotia's podcast Skotia Sounds. 

SKILLS: design, sound production and audio editing, podcasting production


BBC Radio 4

 Was delighted to be invited onto BBC Radio 4's Broadcasting House to talk a bit more about how to offer your houseplants the best possible home.

SKILLS: Public speaking, radio

Pieces to camera

The Skotia

Delivered critique and commentary via video for socials and YouTube, creating subtitles to improve accessibility and in response to new media demands.

SKILLS: writing for video, video production & editing, sound and image editing, subtitling

If you would like to see more of my design and multimedia work, get in touch with me via email at

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