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Pride and Prejudice: What Pride means in 2019

For The Skinny, June 2019

In honour of Pride month, I offered my reflections on what Pride means to me as a bisexual woman living in Britain


How Slow Dating took over online dating

For The Skinny, April 2019

Are we moving too fast? I explore whether ‘slow dating’ really is the new speed dating and whether it can absolve us of our online dating anxieties 


Call Me By Your Star Sign: On Love & Astrology

For The Skinny's Real Love column, March 2019


Good Vibrations: The New Cult of Ecosexual Self-Care

The Skinny, October 2018


A new abundance of ecosex toys claim to be the route to wellness but when crystal dildos and foliage floggers are priced beyond reach, is free love really free?


The Monotony of Monogamy

Monogamy schmonogamy? I discuss the intrigue of polyamory in a society of tables for two

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