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My role in The Skotia team is leading on our design and house style. All of the graphics, videos and animations below are examples of my skills in marketing and design - with many of these used to build hype and bring attention to our Patreon launch in July 2020.

Used Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, Spark and iMovie to create a series of promotional graphics, including gifs and animations adaptable to different social media platforms and posts.


I also edit our Skotia Sounds podcast, using my skills in sound editing to create high quality audio for our Patreon subscribers. Alongside this, I produced the podcast intro using a soundtrack created myself in Garageband and Logic Pro X combined with soundbites from the whole team. 

I've learnt a lot since producing my first pieces to camera with The Skotia. It has, however, helped me understand how to adapt scripts to suit visual demands and consider how to make our shorts more engaging and entertaining. As such, I'm now working on a range of Skotia branded infographics to help our team and contributors engage with scripts visually. 

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