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Russia-Ukraine: As Ukraine enlists underground hackers to fight the Kremlin's Sandworm, should we fear Russia's cyber attacks?


The Scotsman, February 2022

Image by Michael Dziedzic

Collapse of Nvidia’s $40bn acquisition of Arm will protect competition, but SoftBank’s Plan B may backfire on post-Brexit Britain


The Scotsman, February 2022

Image by Thibault Penin

Spotify crying 'content moderation' on Joe Rogan Covid misinformation falls flat


The Scotsman, February 2022

Image by Pawel Czerwinski

Regulation efforts against Big Tech are gearing up, but is it too late to rein in the tech giants?


The Scotsman, December 2021

Image by Brett Jordan

Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram's outage showed the cost of letting Big Tech monopolies rule the online landscape


The Scotsman, October 2021


Why Netflix's The Big Flower Fight is so much more than a Bake Off with flowers

Digital Spy, May 2020


Why houseplants mean so much to millennials

The Skinny, January 2020

Pride Flag

Pride and Prejudice: What Pride means in 2019


The Skinny, July 2019

Image by Eric Nopanen

SWERF politics gaining power in U.K. is a cause for concern

Screen Shot, July 2019

Image by Farzad Mohsenvand

Call Me By Your Star Sign: On Love & Astrology

The Skinny, March 2019


Inside the murky world of social media moderation

More and more social media content moderators are coming out with horror stories about their workplaces. I explore the reality of moderating for big tech and the demand for better treatment of social media moderators.

For The Skinny, November 2020


The LGBTQ+ club nights thriving in lockdown

With dancefloors placed out of bounds by coronavirus, a look at some of the LGBTQ+ club nights bringing queer communities together by the light of the computer screen

For The Skinny, Aug 2020


Fall where they may: Tarot in the internet age

For The Skinny, Oct. 2019.


Panic at the Porno: Moral panics and amateur porn

I examine the moral panic surrounding the amateur adult industry, and explain why I sometimes feel torn when it comes to porn. Contains graphic descriptions.


#Eatingclean: The Impossible Dream

From açaí to chia, gojis to yogis, Deviance takes a look into the perceived glamour of eating clean on Instagram

For The Skinny, 2017

Mobile Phone

Lil Miquela: challenging perceptions of reality on Instagram

for The Student

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